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now that im in the space mood i’d like to remind each and every one of you that NASA drew a dick on mars. we drew a dick on another planet.  that is mankind’s legacy.




my coworker just told me about a kid he knew in second grade that was really allergic to peanuts but one day during lunch he said that he couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to know what reeses taste like so he pulled out his epipen, ate the reese cup then stabbed himself with the epipen and told the teacher to call the hospital and that kid is the most hardcore kid I’ve ever heard of I wanna be his friend 


Couldn’t agree more ;D

It also gives you the chance to deliver some really zippy one-liners.

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This wasn’t even scripted this is just what happens whenever David Bowie enters a room anywhere

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Dark Sides [ Closed ]


Sideswipe offered a small grin of gratitude at his alternate’s words, the expression quickly spreading into something tad more wicked with the other’s reaction to the energon. He didn’t say anything despite the amused glint in his visor though, just mutely offered a second cube. Better to be on the safe side with fuel levels and whatnot.

You got used to the tase anyway. And it kept you running. Admittedly Sideswipe liked to pamper himself sometimes and mix stuff like sweet high grade on top of his wide variety of high grades. He hadn’t exactly heard Sunstreaker complain either, now that neither of them got in trouble for brewing or consuming the stronger drinks.

"Washracks next?" the ‘Con asked, herding his alternate from the rec room with some hurry when the mechs in the corner started ro get up. Mutterings of "fresh meat" didn’t bode well for anyone when coming from badly overcharged Decepticons. Sideswipe did have personal experience of how touchy feely gropey they could get when Megatron wasn’t around, and while he wasn’t worried for either of them, neither was he on the mood for high grade induced stupidity. He doubted his alternate was either.

After downing half of the second cube, he had to ask. “You ever mix anything with this stuff?” He was already combining ingredients in his head. Gold infusion would sweeten it up, but it might need something else to get it to the spicy-sweet flavor he liked…

It was probably a good thing his alternate steered him away when he did. If anyone tried any touchy feely gropey slag on him, they were going to get a fist to the faceplates and he didn’t feel like being charged with assault. Then again, would Megatron care? He had no idea, he realized. Optimus or Prowl would certainly care, but… they didn’t matter anymore.

"Yeah, I guess."  He almost apologized for not being a better conversation partner, but decided against it. Things were awkward enough for him already. But despite his situation, he found himself curious of this place. The dark atmosphere was oddly comforting as much as it was unsettling. Maybe he was just out of it from the loss of the bond.

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Okay, but if this is true that means Sunstreaker and Hot Rod are going to be voiced by this guy-


I really hope this is true.

Dark Sides [ Closed ]


Sideswipe nodded to that, taking the turn to the rec room instead of the washracks. There hopefully wouldn’t be too many mechs there anymore, he didn’t much feel like getting bombarded with questions. Doubtful his alternate would appreciate it too much either.

At this hour, most mechs not in their quarters or on duty would probably be overcharged out of their processors. They wouldn’t remember anything in the morning anyway.

"Soundwave already knows yer here," Sideswipe said with a vague gesture to the hall around them. Soundwave had optics and audials everywhere, there was little to nothing he didn’t know about. "He’ll let Megatron know if there’s anythin’ goin’ on he thinks he needs ta know about. But Megsy trusts me ‘nough that I can bring folks in without gettin’ trouble over it." Sideswipe always did his best to not abuse that trust, using loads of common sense whenever he invited anyone on the ship. He was capable of being sensible, surprisingly. "But also means everyone I bring over is my responsibility, so if you,” the visored mech gave a meaningful look at the other Sideswipe, “do anythin’ you shouldn’, I’m gonna get slagged for it.” And his alternate killed, most likely, but in Sideswipe’s processors that went mostly without saying. Megatron wasn’t particularly merciful towards his Decepticons, much less to someone who hadn’t sworn allegiance to him.

"So please don’t," do anything stupid, he finished with somewhat pleading vocals before entering the rec room. He went straight for the energon dispenser, acknowledging the loud, drunken greetings of a group of mechs in one corner with nothing more than a quick wave.

A cube was filled and offered to his alternate, the blue liquid glowing softly as Sideswipe moved to take a couple more. The extras he stashed in his subspace for later.

Compared to this place, the Ark’s rec room seemed like a high-end Praxian nobles’ club. The rec room of the Nemesis was thick with the pungent scent of high grade (the sort that Prowl and Prime outlawed, if Sideswipe was smelling correctly), and felt more like one of the shadier nightclubs in Kaon. It felt… familiar. Like the sort of place he would frequent back on Cybertron. Was it a betrayal to feel more at home here than he had in the Ark? Well, if it was, it was too late to go back now anyway.

His alternate’s message got through loud and clear, and Sideswipe nodded understandingly. He’d figured that the Decepticons wouldn’t be as forgiving as the Autobots. “Don’t worry, I’m not exactly in a trouble-causing mood,” he muttered as he gratefully accepted the cube, downing it. His face scrunched slightly at the arcid grade - yep, definitely tasted like a Kaonian brand. For a moment, he regretted not bringing his brewing supplies along with him.

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I don’t mind I guess, but GEESH, give a mech some warning first!



Tumblr, most of these icons don’t even make sense. You used a lock, twice…. and a keyboard for audio? I just.. 


Dark Sides [ Closed ]


Sideswipe closed the portal after his alternate, a big portion of the room’s light disappearing with it. To be fair, a portion of the lighting had been dimmed for what was recharge cycle for most. The warship was never a bright place, but now it was definitely even darker than usual.

But even the lack of good light didn’t hide the apparently ex-Autobots less than pristine condition. Sideswipe decided not to point it out, though, instead just smiling back and waving off the thanks. He couldn’t say it was nothing, inviting a mech neutral at best to the flagship, but there were worse things to be done. It was all cool so far.

"Wanna clean yaself up or have some fuel first?" Sideswipe asked as he gestured the other to follow, leading the way out of the room and into the maze of corridors. The washracks and closest dispenser were in the same general direction anyway.

Once his optics had adjusted, he blinked at the other mech. “Fuel would be nice,” he decided after a brief pause. “Don’t need much, just a cube or two.” Two cubes ought to fill his tanks. Probably. Even if it didn’t, it would be plenty to last him the night.

"Do I gotta check in anywhere? Orrrr, is Megatron okay with walk-ins?" he asked cautiously. At home - er, at the Ark - Prowl had always been a stickler for that sort of thing. He had to know who was coming and who was going at all times. Sideswipe had always suspected that Red Alert’s nagging had something to do with it.

Stop thinking about it, it’ll just make you miss it more.

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