Hey, all! Noblespark’s 1-year Anniversary is quickly approaching on March the 4th, and on March 18th April 18th, we shall be celebrating with a raffle!

I’ve had a wild ride and it’s been very fun thus far, and I’m so glad to still be here. I’ve met so many great people and friends in my experience here, and though I wish I could simply host a party for all of you, I can assure you that a raffle is mush simpler and easier.

In honor of Optimus, our lovely former librarian, the prizes will be books, books, books, and more books. Optimus says, “Keep reading, folks!”


  • Transformers: Exodus
  • Transformers: Exiles
  • Transformers: Retribution
  • The Transformers Prime Art Book
  • The Covenant of Primus.

  • BONUS: Transformers Prime - Music

There will be only one grand prize, that’s it: winner gets all.


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  2. You must reblog this post, and adding notes does add in your favor! You can reblog as many times as you like to help give you more chances! Liking the post without reblogging it will not help you, though liking AND reblogging will. REBLOG THIS POST!!

  3. No contest blogs. Any winning entries on a contest blog/side blog will be disqualified. It is recommended that you don’t reblog on a side blog, as I will check to see if that blog is following. Side blogs cannot follow others, so you see my dilemma.

  4. You must be over 18 at the time of entry or have parents’ permission to receive packages.

  5. You must have an open askbox for a notification if you win.

  6. You must be following Noblespark.

The last day to participate will be on March 18th April 18th at an unspecified time, so it would be within your best interests to do so as quickly as possible. The winner will be selected via a random number generator.

Now, how to receive your prizes:

  1. Provide me with your address and I will purchase them through Amazon. This is the most secure method, and is highly recommended. This is because if a package is lost then I have more power to do something about it.

  2. If you are uncomfortable with providing me with your address, I will ask you to create an Amazon wishlist with ALL the items specified in this raffle and provide me with the wishlist.

    If you package does not come to you and Amazon refuses to send another one… then I will not be buying another package and the prize will be lost. :(

If Amazon does not support shipping to where you live, your address will be required.

The winner will be notified via askbox, and if you do not respond within 24 hours, you will be disqualified and another winner will be chosen.



My health has really suffered for the past month. Due to these concerns I was really just not on this blog and totally missed all the fun of the Raffle’s month. SO.


The new date for drawing is APRIL 18TH.

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[[ So I posted the wrong user before, whoops :I Flight Rising user is actually DiistaakRath. Sorry xD ]]

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A Shot in the Dark [Closed RP]


Sunny might have some competition in that department actually.

Snapjaw’s unfriendly baby blue gaze was a testament to that. <Strange> <Stranger> <Challenge?> Venom sighed, as she patted Snapjaw’s helm, his optics not losing contact with the red warrior’s.

"Come on guys, really?" Crossing her arms, as she looked from her mutt companion to her moron friend. She was going to smack both of them soon if they didn’t give this up soon.

"You can’t talk during a staring contest, buddy," the warrior chirped cheekily, finally breaking his stare. "Against the rules~." He was used to unsettling glares. Sunstreaker, Ratchet, Ironhide, and Prowl made sure of that.

"Seriously, though. I’m a friend." He shot Snapjaw a friendly grin. "Promise."

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A Shot in the Dark [Closed RP]


<Yes.> Snapjaw grumbled, looking at the offending servo with disinterest as Venom held back a laugh at the Cyberhound’s tone. Sitting where he was, the hound didn’t make a move to come any closer to the red mech, choosing to stare him down for the moment.

"Yes, that’s Snapjaw. Don’t mind him," Venom replied, walking past Sideswipe in order to stand next to the hound; who came up past her hip sitting down. "He may seem unfriendly, but that’s just because he’s a grump."

"He can’t be grumpier than Sunstreaker," he commented with a snicker, letting his hand drop back down to his side when Snapjaw didn’t come up to sniff it the way organic dogs did.

And he stared right back. If Snapjaw wanted a staring contest, a staring contest he would get.

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A Shot in the Dark [Closed RP]


Well, not always. Half listening to what Sideswipe was saying, as Venom began to make her way around; rearranging the odd knick-knacks she had gathered throughout her time on this planet. “I assume it was Cybertronians, but they disappeared and left this beaut of a place empty..” She wondered what had happened to her base’s former inhabitants.

The commotion not only caught Venom’s attention, but the base’s vicious guard dog. Growling could be heard, as the reformatted Cyberhound turned the corner of the hall; expecting to find a deadly enemy. Not his master staring with amusement at a goofy looking red mech. <Intruder> Snapjaw snorted, sitting down and regarding Sideswipe with an almost unamused look.

Vicious guard dog, indeed. Sideswipe froze in place and turned to stare at the sound of growling, optics quickly finding the unhappy Cyberhound. Most bots would be less than thrilled to find a big, growling canine approaching them. But Sideswipe’s optics lit up.

"That Snapjaw?" he exclaimed, quickly freeing his pedes of their trap. Not even Sideswipe was dumb enough to walk towards an obviously displeased Cyberhound, so he simply crouched and held his hand out for the creature to sniff.


I WAS alive a few day sago until I changed my password and then when I tried to log in again I couldn’t remember my new pass AARRRRRGH

here now though ]]

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The sadness in his face breaks my fucking heart. ;__;


The sadness in his face breaks my fucking heart. ;__;

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